New patients need to complete the NHS DENTIST MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE…

When you call NHS Dentist, we will ask you for your name, telephone number (preferably mobile) and date of birth. We will give you a time and date for your first appointment and we will ask that you come a few minutes early to complete the medical questionnaire. Alternatively, Download NHS Dentist Medical Questionnaire here. Please then complete the medical questionnaire fully, sign and date it and bring it with you to the appointment.

If you are disabled …

When you call NHS Dentist reception to make your appointment, tell them you are disabled and we will ensure you are seen by a dentist on the ground floor.

If you have a long term illness that means you can wake up feeling unwell, let us know and as long as you make your appointments for after 3 pm, we will allow you to cancel your appointment on the morning of the appointment by 9 am.

If you are a first-time patient please register and book appointment here!

1: Before your appointment

At NHS Dentist we always send an sms, email or BT phone messages to patients two days before their appointments to remind them. – However, sometimes network providers delay sms messages, so you need to make a note of your appointment date and time.

In the event you need to cancel or change an appointment; please give us 24 hours notice.

For a Monday appointment, please call by lunchtime on Friday before – to cancel or postpone.

If you are ill in the morning on the day of your appointment, please leave a message on the answering machine before 8.30 am.

Please remember to download, print-out and fill-in the ‘New Patient Medical Questionnaire’ before your 1st appointment

2: At your first appointment

You must inform the receptionist that you have arrived for your appointment.
If you have difficulty with English, at any one time we speak 20 languages at NHS Dentist, our staff will do their best to help you. If you need translation, you should bring someone with you who can translate for you and help you complete the medical questionnaire. We cannot treat you if we are not entirely satisfied that you understand the questions we ask you and if we feel you cannot give us informed consent.
Children up to the age of 16 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

  • On your first visit to NHS Dentist, you will be asked to complete a confidential medical questionnaire for the dentist. If you have completed a downloaded medical questionnaire, please hand them the completed medical questionnaire.
  • We will then transfer the information you have provided onto the computer before your appointment. The dentist will then talk you through the medical information you have provided ensuring that anything of relevance is noted on your computer file.
  • All this information is held and processed under the Data Protection Act 1998 and is held under strict confidentiality rules. We will provide you with an information sheet about NHS Dentist.
  • You will be taken to the surgery by the dentist or his/her nurse. You may take a friend with you, Parents are most welcome to accompany children and there is a chair for them in each surgery.

3: Meeting Your Dentist

Your dentist will discuss any relevant medical conditions with you before treatment. A full dental check up will take place and you will be welcome to ask any questions of the dentist.

You are likely to have x-rays done during this initial visit. The price for this visit will be unknown until we examine you. But it will fall into one of the 3 cost bands – see “NHS Price List“. At the same time you will be asked to sign a NHS form which asks whether you pay the NHS charges for your treatment or if you are accepting a benefit which entitles you to free treatment.

Please note that the NHS BSA (Business Service Authorities) do regular checks on patients claiming benefits. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the correct box of benefit is ticked on the NHS form and that you have proof to show should they contact you. If you tick the wrong box, a £100 fine can be given.

You will then be asked to take your medical questionnaire back to reception to make a further appointment, if necessary, and to sign a form for the Department of Health.  (Please note that from 1st April 2006, the Government made NHS dentistry cash limited so we can only provide treatment if we have “units of dental activity” available from the targets set for us by the Government).

You will be given a printed estimate/treatment plan and an appointment card. Your appointment will be with the dentist who did your check up.

You will be asked to pay in full for the band of treatment that applies to you. Should your treatment not be completed for any reason e.g. you might be ill and unable to attend, you will only pay for the work that has been done in any of the bands and we will refund the money to you.

Please note that once you make an appointment to have treatment after receiving your treatment plan, NHS Dentist will consider that you have given us informed consent to treat and charge you.