If you are taking warfarin, we can now perform most dental procedures on you in the practice

In the case of a surgical procedure e.g. an extraction we will need to do the following

  • When you are told by your dentist, please make the appropriate appointment at reception and then arrange an INR appointment 24-48 HOURS BEFORE your dental appointment
  • You must bring the book from your warfarin clinic with you and it must have the reading and signature in it for the treatment to be done
  • If your reading is over 4.0 you should immediately cancel your dental appointment and rearrange when your levels are normalised. This should take place within one month otherwise the course of treatment will be closed down
  • Please make your dental appointments on Tuesday – Friday and always arrange early morning appointments. This is to ensure your INR reading is current (readings are not available on Sundays) and to ensure that you have the whole day after your treatment to contact the surgery if you have any problems
  • It is your responsibility to ensure appointments are within 24 hours from your last INR reading and that if not, you cancel your appointment immediately

Before, During and After Treatment

  • Always have a hearty breakfast (without caffeinated coffee or tea) before your dental appointment
  • Bring someone with you to help you get home
  • Do not drive or cycle
  • Do not arrange to do anything strenuous or active for the next 24 hours
  • You will be asked to sit outside a surgery for as long as it takes for your bleeding to stop. You will be discharged by your dentist when all is well. If you choose not to stay and leave against the advice of your dentist, you will be asked to sign a self discharge notice
  • Follow the advice sheet given to you for post extractions
  • If you have any questions, ask them, we are happy to answer

Up to 5.30pm you can call and speak to a dentist on 0207 610 1110, tell reception that you are a warfarin patient who needs help immediately.  You can always get urgent NHS dental care if clinically necessary. Contact the after hours dental triage services on 0208 867 1411.